-Short healing sessions with a Spiritualist Healer
-Group healings
-Distant healing for friends and family
-Individual Spirit Greetings on Sunday mornings
-Individual Spirit Messages at Circle Evenings
-Inspirational Speakers
-Spiritual Unfoldment class
-Friendly spiritual community
Gifts we offer to you on you spiritual journey
OUR GOAL IS to make you feel welcome and included when you join us for any event. You will find us a friendly and supportive spiritual community.

A SPIRITUALIST is one who believes as a basis of his or her religion, in the communication between this and the Spirit World by means of Mediumship and who endeavors to mold his or her character and conduct in accordance with the highest teaching derived from such communication.

A SPIRITUALIST HEALER is one who, either through one's own inherent powers or through Mediumship is able to impart vital, curative force to be used by spirit to aid pathologic conditions.

A MEDIUM is one whose organism is sensitive to vibrations from the Spirit World and through whose instrumentality, intelligences in the Spirit World  are able to convey messages and produce phenomena of Spiritualism.

The PHENOMENA OF SPITITUALISM consists of Prophecy, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Gift of Tongues, Laying on of Hands, Healing, Visions, Trance, Apports, Levitation, Raps, Automatic and Independent Writings and Paintings, Voice, Materialization, Photography, Psychometry and other manifestation proving the continuity of life as demonstrated though the Physical and Spiritual senses and faculties of man.
​We extend a VARIETY OF SERVICES to aid you in your healing process and/or spiritual journey.
Spiritualist Chapel of the Pines
Auburn, California


I ask the Great Unseen Healing Force
To help both present and absent ones
Who are in need of help.
And to restore them to perfect health.
I put my trust in the love and power of God.
Spiritualism is a religion and philosophy of life focused on joy, harmony, and a fear-free understanding  of the continuity of life. Therefore, our mission is to provide spiritual services that will educate others in the knowledge that life is forever, that we are on this earth to learn lessons based  upon our communication with spirits on the other side and that the information received will assist us in our eternal progression toward infinite intelligence.